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Farshad HajiHosseini
Ein Intarsien Meister Künstler
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Farshad Hajihosseini was born in Tehran Iran . He is a graduate in accounting. He had a childhood interest in wood and hand wooden crafts .This passion was developed as he selected and studied high school courses and technical courses related to wood.From 1991 onwards Farshad studied many courses in Marquetry and learnt many techniques with the help of vary-skilled Iranian master .He developed his talent for needle wood-carving.In 2000 he became licensed to open his own Marquetry school and shortly after professional work began at the school .Not long after this he opened up a small factory for producing inlay tableaus. At the same time that this was happening Farshad studied courses in carpentry, cabinet-making , carving and inlay-carving .He succeeded in obtaining numerous international qualifications.He has exported many products to Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf, Europe and Canada .
The combination of inlay and wood carving in this amazing new style has been welcomed all around the world.

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